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Webinar Series Overview | Matthew Bratsis | EGIA Financial Clearinghouse | Week 16

Garima October 24, 2020

Matthew Bratsis 

Matthew Bratsis is the vice president, contractor services for the well-known finance house EGIA. Matthew has an extensive education and experience within the industry. With a background in operations, underwriting, marketing, sales and a distinct focus on educating contractors to use energy efficient equipment, he is a relationship builder that packs a punch. It is vital to develop relationships and partnerships based on the mutual terms of trust and integrity and to incorporate a growth mindset into the equation.


Digital presence is extremely important. Provide a website the defines who you are, the services that you provide and the finance solutions that you have as options. Regardless of whether a customer has cash on hand or not, finance options that offer low installments will always peak the interest of your customers. Allow them to have what they want right now when they want it. Evaluate the finance solutions available through finance houses like EGIA and select options that will suit your business and customer base. Utilize financing to you best advantage it is a sales tool that can help you close deals.