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Webinar Series Overview | Jennifer Bagley | CI Web Group | Week 16

Garima October 24, 2020

Jennifer Bagley

Jennifer Bagley, CEO of CI Web Group is a woman who had a dream and fought tooth and nail to achieve it. The creation of the 12 Step Roadmap Accelerated Results Program has literally changed the face of the HVAC game, and the company gets tangible results for over 1000 clients on a monthly basis throughout the nation. The keen understanding of a very competitive industry and her solution-oriented services have shown why CI Web Group is so successful. Taking her customers to the top is exactly what she aims for.

The bottom line is that in this environment you have to go to work on things that are designed to get results. Marketing drives leads and gets results. Your website is your warehouse, it needs to be filled with products. Use your website to its full potential, add tools and value added options to encourage customer communication. Make sure you are always an option! Build a brand that is unique and sets you apart from the rest. Expand your digital footprint and get social as this is the new referral platform. Do the opposite of what everyone has always done in the past and you will get different results.