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Webinar Series Overview | Benjamin Middleton | Goodman Global Group | Week 16

Garima October 24, 2020

Benjamin Middleton

Benjamin Middleton is currently the national sales training manager for Goodman and Amana. Ben has always been in the business of training manufacturers, distributors and contractors within the HVAC industry. His vast training, knowledge and experience in an industry that is extremely hard to conquer has assisted in creating a brand that is unstoppable. Benjamin has worked with Jennifer Bagley and her team at CI Web Group in order to provide a holistic approach to business and marketing. 


Craft the customer experience and build relationships that will last a lifetime. What have you got in place to create this experience and to place your brand in front of the customer? If you aren’t visibible the customer can’t call you. Attract the right staff. Make the right selections and then keep the team content. Your team is your biggest asset. Are you making promises as a business that you are able to keep? By doing this you build a feeling of trust with customers. Recurring revenue is crucial. Make use of your maintenance agreements and recurring product sales. Evaluate each customer and determine from the outset what kind of customer this is. Learn how to attract the right customers and to retain them.