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The Enneagram – Stances | Benjamin Middleton | Goodman Global Group | Week 12

Garima October 24, 2020

Benjamin Middleton

Benjamin Middleton is currently the national sales training manager for Goodman and Amana. Ben has always been in the business of training manufacturers, distributors and contractors within the HVAC industry. His vast training, knowledge and experience in an industry that is extremely hard to conquer has assisted in creating a brand that is unstoppable. Benjamin has worked with Jennifer Bagley and her team at CI Web Group in order to provide a holistic approach to business and marketing. 


The only constant in life is change. Business is no different. The analogy of birth, life, death and rebirth is appropriately fitting for business. Different characters and personalities will take a different stance to any given situation in business. Some will be aggressive and passionate about what they do, others will rely on how others react to any situation and are dependant on obtaining validation in this way while others withdraw and avoid the situation completely. Take time to evaluate and understand which area of the triad you fall under and the stance you most often take.