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Maintenance Agreements | Tom Wittman | HVAC Coaching Corner | Week 8

Garima October 23, 2020

Tom Whittman

Based in Indiana, HVAC Coaching Corner is all about the business end of the HVAC industry. While service delivery and exceptional equipment is imperative, without the correct business processes in place, success will be out of reach to some extent. In order to fulfill your goals to the fullest, you have to have the complete package under the umbrella of your business. By focusing on leadership, front line management, front line performance and your virtual sales team, Tom is able to teach you all the skills and provide you with all the tools that are necessary for success. 


How to make the phone ring, how to make the doorbell ring and how to make the cash register ring are the three most important questions for your business. You have to make it about the customer rather than your business. Listen and respond accordingly. Customers want to know three thing; Can you restore operation? How much will it cost? When can you do it? These are the things you, as the supplier, need to focus on during the deciding phase. Use situations to promote the maintenance agreements on offer. This is how you build business for the slow season. Provide the customer with options and you will close deals.