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Key Performance Indicators | Matthew Bratsis | EGIA Financial Clearinghouse | Week 6

Garima October 23, 2020

Matthew Bratsis 

Matthew Bratsis is the vice president, contractor services for the well-known finance house EGIA. Matthew has an extensive education and experience within the industry. With a background in operations, underwriting, marketing, sales and a distinct focus on educating contractors to use energy efficient equipment, he is a relationship builder that packs a punch. It is vital to develop relationships and partnerships based on the mutual terms of trust and integrity and to incorporate a growth mindset into the equation.


Don’t make the mistake of judging a customer on face value. Always offer financing. Now more than ever, finance options are a necessity for your customer to get the comforts they want now. Talk to your customers and offer them the affordability they yearn for. This pandemic has pushed most people to the the brink and without excess cash to spend. By providing finance options, you will close more sales than ever. Offer finance 100% of the time and you will close around 70% of the time and your turnover and profits will go up tremendously.