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Key Performance Indicators | Brigham Dickinson | Power Selling Pros | Week 6

Garima October 23, 2020

Brigham Dickinson

The professional training and coaching company for the home services industry, Power Selling Pros is headed by Brigham Dickinson. Brigham has developed a process that call handlers could follow in order to book more calls. It really is just what the industry has been waiting for. Brigham’s approach has allowed many in the industry to overcome price resistance, book more calls even when you are fully booked, sell service agreements in order to create recurring income and use those calls to sell more services. Selling is an art, one which Brigham has mastered. Sharing the knowledge he has gained is how he fills his days. 



Call conversions equate to profitability. It is important not to make the customer feel as if you are fully booked and unable to assist them. This is most often what happens when your call volume goes up. Give the appropriate training and help your staff to convert calls to sales. That alone will increase your bottom line tremendously. You have to convert more than 60% of calls to sales in order to grow your financial status.