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Indoor Air Quality And Accessories | Stephen Dale And Erica Leonor | Power Selling Pros | Week 12

Garima October 24, 2020

Stephen Dale

Stephen Dale is a business trainer, coach and mentor who pulls out all the stops when teaching his clients to sell. In any business setting, selling is the key to success, however, it isn’t always an easy process. Stephen reveals the secrets behind creating an experience that will leave your customers in awe and wanting for more. 

Erica Leanor

Professional training and coaching is what Erica does best. Her skills are multi-faceted and include but are not limited to motivational speaking, coaching, customer service and training. With her focus firmly on community and social services, this talented, skilled and educated professional has what it takes to get your business where it needs to be.

Presentation is everything when it comes to offering solutions. Make use of monitors to complete evaluations. Plug it in and within 30 mins you have a comprehensive report which you can share with the homeowner. Making use of tools in this way helps the customer to better understand the process. It allows them to be involved. They are able to make a decision that is suited to their own lifestyle and one that they feel will offer an improvement. The technician can use the report to its full advantage. Tying products back to the report and directed at solving the presented issues will encompass an overall fantastic presentation. Knowledge builds confidence, confidence builds trust. know your stuff and be able to translate this to the customer in a way that they can understand.