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Indoor Air Quality And Accessories | Jonathan Cramer | Goodman Global Group – Clean Comfort | Week 12

Garima October 24, 2020

Jonatham Cramer

The vice president of marketing at Storylift has dealt with content for many years. He understands the nuances and tones required to reach different target markets. Creating a brand is more than just a slogan or logo. Jonathan has the ability to create the story behind your company that will strike a cord in the hearts and minds of your customer, current, past and future.

In order to compete in this world you have to compete very differently than every other service you have. You are up against internet giants but that doesn’t mean you are on the losing side. You have the ability to use your website, content and digital marketing to go after a service that you offer in a city you offer it in. When it comes to goods and services you are competing against others who are providing the same services and products. There is an opportunity to be competitive and win the race. Product based searches are an entirely different game. You have to be able to reach human beings, potential customers who are searching for solutions to their air management problems. Creativity comes to the fore. Your website is merely a focal point of first port of call for contact. This is the one thing you can create to connect with a human being who has those problems that require solutions. Creating a masterpiece takes time to build and create. You need to form emotional connections in order to engage a customer who needs particular solutions.