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High Demand Seasonal Replacement Sales In A Challenging Environment | Tom Wittman | HVAC Coaching Corner | Week 10

Garima October 24, 2020

Tom Whittman

Based in Indiana, HVAC Coaching Corner is all about the business end of the HVAC industry. While service delivery and exceptional equipment is imperative, without the correct business processes in place, success will be out of reach to some extent. In order to fulfill your goals to the fullest, you have to have the complete package under the umbrella of your business. By focusing on leadership, front line management, front line performance and your virtual sales team, Tom is able to teach you all the skills and provide you with all the tools that are necessary for success.

Key performance indicators where replacement sales are concerned. There are a number of indicators which you can use to gauge your positioning in the market and to formulate a plan to make the necessary improvements and changes to your business in order to promote growth. You have to be visible to the customers around you. Make presentations in person as regularly as possible. Leads are all good an well, however without closing deals they are nothing more than that. Your company should be closing 50% or more of your total leads. Your average sales amount should be carefully calculated to ensure that you reach or surpass your break even by week two or three of each month. The same applies to the volume of sales. Selling a product is one thing, however installing it correctly the first time is something that requires qualtiy control and care. Homeowners are changing the way that they buy. You need to accomodate the changes. A vast number of customers are showing more interest in online or virtual appointments rather than in person, especially with the current pandemic situation rife. Listen to what the customer wants and implement the changes. Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability.