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High Demand Seasonal Replacement Sales In A Challenging Environment | David Holt | National Comfort Institute | Week 10

Garima October 24, 2020

David Holt

Sheffield Lake, Ohio is the home of National Comfort Institute, headed by David Holt. David and his team are committed to providing training to HVAC and building performance contractors on transforming their businesses. The transformation includes an improvement in their bottom line, as well as the development of service delivery skills that are invaluable in this industry. David’s focus lies in the service delivery of the heating and cooling systems that their clients are selling. Performance based contracting is the way forward and has opened up the market in exceptional ways. 



The time will come that you aren’t able to assist a customer through lack of labor or shortage of time and material, you have to communicate with the customer effectively. Use your words wisely and in your favour. How you relay a message can hold either negative or positive connotations. It all depends on how you string your sentences. Nobody likes to be delayed or an appointment pushed back but if you make the customer understand their importance to you and provide logical explanations then they are more likely to wait for your services. There are times when health or safety may be at stake and delaying the appointment will have negative effects on the client, have a plan in place to ensure the customer that you have their interest at heart. Your customer has to feel that they are the most important person in your schedule at all times.