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7 Habits Of Highly Effective HVAC Entrepreneurs – Part 1 | Matthew Bratsis | EGIA Financial Clearinghouse | Week 14

Garima October 24, 2020

Matthew Bratsis 

Matthew Bratsis is the vice president, contractor services for the well-known finance house EGIA. Matthew has an extensive education and experience within the industry. With a background in operations, underwriting, marketing, sales and a distinct focus on educating contractors to use energy efficient equipment, he is a relationship builder that packs a punch. It is vital to develop relationships and partnerships based on the mutual terms of trust and integrity and to incorporate a growth mindset into the equation.


EGIA has had to re-evaluate our concept of time. We have been used to setting up training sessions that take a day at a time with a group of people but in the new normal we can no longer do this. We can’t use virtual training for such lengthy periods of time. We have had to come up with ways to compress a full day of knowledge into shorter bursts without losing value. This is something that all of you in the HVAC industry have had to evaluate as well. It is important to remember that doing something different has a possibility to be better. You, as business owners have really had to learn to be more flexible with your staff and customers. You have had to embrace and use the available technology to your benefit. It has become vital to ask and really listen to the answers. You and ourselves at EGIA have had to make the uncomfortable changes in order to flourish.